What are you doing about the 168 chemicals in your home linked to Allergies, Birth Defects, Cancer & Behavioural Problems?
Simple Ways to Create A Non Toxic-Home In 10 Days
And no, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and wasted hours "trial and error-ing" products that you pick up at the grocery store or buy online.
When I Was 20 Years Old...
...I discovered how terribly I had been tricked by my favourite brands. The companies I had trusted to feed me, clean my home, and take care of my body had been, in my eyes, flat out lying.
  • Over 80,000 chemicals approved for use (moms barely have time to take care of themselves - how do we have time to know which of these are harmful?).
  •  Less than 2% tested for safety (ain’t nobody got time to be reading boring government documents).
  •  Over 62,000 chemicals "grandfathered-in" with zero safety testing (and you’re putting them on your family).
  •  Safety tests are NOT required before products hit store shelves (companies are looking at profits over your health).
  •  Pesticides linked to mental health problems (we’re in an era of have this issue? Pop a pill - rather than discover the source).
  •  Ingredients in personal care items can cause cancer (yet, they’re still in your kid’s products).
  •  "Green" products still have bad ingredients (so you’re wasting your money buying them).
  •  Cleaning supplies can harm your hormones (but PMS is totally fun to deal with - so who cares?).

It makes me super sad to know all this and see other moms struggling like I did.
I’d buy “natural” products only to find out they still had harmful ingredients in them -- or they didn’t work. I’d feel like I was doing a great job buying "healthy" food, only to find out it had unsafe additives. I wasted so much time and so much money doing this.

Being a mom is busy enough -- trying to figure out how to “go green” and live a healthy life can be a challenge.
The toxins I consumed, applied, and breathed in had wreaked havoc on my body.
The huge influx of chemicals built up in my liver and caused severe irritation to my stomach lining.

I was then left with a laundry list of health issues that started a domino effect:
  • Food intolerances
  •  Celiac disease
  • Chronic migraines
  • Environmental allergies
  • Irregular periods
  • Hormonal acne
  • Candida (aka yeast overgrowth)
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach ulcer
Stop Scouring The Internet For Hours On End And Getting Even More Stressed And Confused - While Nothing Changes For Your Family’s Health.
Instead of spending way too much time trying "green" products, searching for DIY recipes, or giving up because it’s too stressful... Make it super easy on yourself!
Creating my 3-step system to remove chemicals from my home was life-changing for me and for my family.
I was able to get to the root of my health problems and create a solid foundation for my body to start healing itself. My migraines are gone, hormonal acne is gone, and my stomach pain -- you guessed it -- gone.

My son doesn’t have to grow up suffering with the self-inflicted health issues I had. He gets to grow up feeling great and just being a kid.
Taking care of your family shouldn’t be difficult.
You shouldn’t have to make the choice between ease of use and the health of your family. That’s why I’ve condensed my 8 years of natural living knowledge in to 10 days.

You'll discover how to easily remove toxins from your kitchen, cleaning supplies, and personal care products. Let the work I did, make your life easier so you can spend time making happy memories with your family instead.
Create a super healthy home for you and your family with a mom-approved program that:
  • Shows you where unhealthy toxins are lurking in your home.
  • Explains why removing chemicals can boost your family's health.
  • Gives you the best game plan to keep your kids healthy.
  •  Helps you transform your home for better health.
Because imagine if...
Five years from now, you've transformed not only your lifestyle -- but your life!

You’ve created a happy and toxin-free space for your family to make memories in.

You and your kids are breathing in clean air, rather than the toxic dust and chemical gasses flaring up your family’s immune system.

They’re eating wholesome food that will help reduce the colds and infections they pick up at school.
The products they're saturating their skin with won't mess with their hormones and create a cancer-loving environment.
You’ll know what should be in your home (and what to remove) to create a healthy life for you and your loved ones. You’ll feel confident about what you put in, on, and around your family’s bodies.
I get it...
I was once were you were. Overwhelmed and confused. As a former journalist, I used my researching skills to figure out how to remove chemicals from my life.

For 8 years, I dedicated my life to creating the healthiest home for myself and my family. I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Essential Oil Practitioner, and Mom.

I used my knowledge to create a 3-step system to plummet the amount of chemicals hiding in my home. I’ve helped hundreds of women see how easy it can be to live a natural lifestyle.

And I want that for you, too.
Because Did You Know...
  • 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed on food every year (food you and your family are eating!).
  •  287 chemicals found in the umbilical cord of newborns (including PCB banned in 1976).
  •  Fertility struggles are up 20% from the last 10 years (and continue to climb).
  •  Childhood leukemia and brain cancer up 40% since 1978.
  •  Childhood asthma up 300% since 1978.
  •  BPA found in 93% of Americans (yikes!).
  •  Hormone-disruptors linked to behavioural problems (like ADHD).
  •  Chemicals in everyday products are toxic to the brain (and even lower IQ).
  •  Chemicals in the home linked to obesity, endometriosis, mental illness, and heart disease.
  •  Endocrine-disruptors linked breast, prostate and thyroid cancer (testicular problems too!).
I Want You To Picture This...
  •  Confidence that what you're feeding your family is the healthiest for them.
  •  Being able to buy the best all natural products to use in your home.
  •  Quick and easy personal care products so you know every ingredient that’s going on your skin (and in your body).
  •  Knowing that you’ve done your absolute best to remove as many toxins from the home as possible.
  •  Feeling happy that you’ve help reduce your family’s risk of deadly disease in a massive way.
Here's What Other Had To Say...
"Katie lives such a clean and healthy lifestyle that she is the perfect person to guide you through how to detox your home! Not only is this program packed with amazing information, it's beautifully delivered by a rising star in the nutrition world."

Julie Daniluk
Nutritionist | TV Host | Author
"I thought I knew a lot about avoiding toxins and living healthy. Katie’s program reminded me of all the things I’ve learned and the importance of them actually doing them. This has become my go-to guide for transforming our home into a healthful space."

Ashlee R.
Mom of 3
"I had never felt in tip top shape. I honestly felt like I was just dragging all the time and totally out of it. I had no idea it could be from the makeup and body lotions I was using every day -- even my soap!"

Jayna N.
Mom of 2
"As the mom of two busy kids, I felt obligated to take this program for them. I could't believe how much toxic stuff I’ve unknowingly collected over the years. This program is a must-do for everyone - especially moms!"

Liz Y.
Mom of 2
"This program was the jumping off point I needed to start going about living in a healthier home -- for me and my family. I took it one simple step at a time to make sure I rid my life of nasty toxins."

Lara M.
Mom of 1
For Moms Who Want To Take Back Control Over The Health Of Their Home Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars And Wasting Hours Trial & Error-ing Products That Don’t Work.
This 10-day online program is jam-packed with valuable information for detoxing your food, body, and home. You'll get an incredible list of resources, too.

Each day, watch quick videos designed to help you reduce your family's risk of chronic disease. You'll create your own healthy home game plan within a few days. This program will transform not only your lifestyle, but your life!
Here's What The Program Includes:
10 Days of Video Lessons ($159 value)
Each day I lead you through a video lesson. You'll learn helpful tips and tactics to detoxify your kitchen, cleaning products, and personal care items. I’ve made it super easy to understand so you can quickly start transforming your home. See an entire breakdown of the program below.
Downloadable Daily Funsheets + Recipe Books ($37 value)
I’ve condensed each video lesson into a handy PDF. Every funsheet includes a fillable game plan so you can put what you've learned into practice. This will give you a clear outline of the most important things to start detoxing from your home. You’ll also get my tried and test DIY recipes for cleaning and personal care products. That way you can save time without having to try 100 different recipes before finding the best one.
Total Value: $196
Here's a Complete Breakdown
Module 1: The Non-Toxic Kitchen
  • Why Organic Is Important + How to Be Budget Conscious
  • Hidden Ingredients In Your Kids Favourite Foods
  • Making Healthy Meals for Your Family
  • Healthy (and Delicious) Alternatives for Food Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivities
  • Safe Ways to Prepare, Cook, and Store Your Food
Module 2: The Clean Green Kitchen
  • Removing Toxic Cleaners From Your Cupboards
  • Cleaning Your Home Naturally with a Few Simple Ingredients
  • Easy DIY Laundry Care + Simple Recipes for Sensitive Skin
Module 3: The Natural Beauty Guide
  • The Scariest Ingredients Lurking in Most of Your Personal Care Products + Healthier Alternatives
  •  DIY Beauty & Personal Care + Safe Recipes for the Whole Family
Additional Bonuses
The bonuses included help further create a healthy and happy home for your family.
Bonus #1: The Elimination Diet Guidebook ($19 Value)
During The Whole Home Detox, we discuss food allergens and where they can be lurking in the kitchen. This guide helps test for food intolerances and sensitivities at home. I teach you what to foods remove, the best ones to eat, how to re-introduce foods, and what to do going forward. Safe for the entire family!

Bonus #2: Natural Littles: A Guide to Baby & Child Care ($19 Value)
Everything you need to to raise your littlest humans naturally. I’ve included my favourite DIY recipes for diaper changes, bath time, and teething. I’ve also shared my favourite personal care brands for kids. You'll also find supplement recommendations to boost their immune system and cognitive function. Get a list of safe essential oils for babies and kids, proper dilution ratios, and diffuser blends. Jackson’s favourite kid-approved recipes are in there too!
Total Value: $38
Retail Value of Program & Bonuses: $234
Your Price: $47

Why Is It Priced So Low?
I want to reach as many moms as possible because I know there are many families out there that need this program. And I don’t want you to go through what I did trying to figure out what to eat, how to eat it, and what to buy. I want this to be easy and cost effective for you.
My Guarantee to You
This is not a one time detox. This program is about transforming your life and home for better health. I am confident this mom-approved program will help you create a healthy home for your family.

If after the first module, you’ve watched the videos and emailed me your thoroughly completed funsheets, and you still don’t feel that this program can help you, I'll refund 100% of your money.
Of course! Since this is an online program, you can take it from the comfort of your living room (aka hanging out in your pjs with your favourite tea).

I made this program super easy for everyone. I designed the program in a very simple and clear way. I even send you an email when the next module opens up!

I gotchu! Send an email to support@katiestewartwellness.com and we’ll be able to answer any of your tech questions.

Don’t worry. For as long as we’re running it, you’ll have full access to The Whole Home Detox (including any updates!). You also have lifetime access to the private online community as well. And remember, you can start the program when it’s convenient for you and even retake it, too!

For sure you can! But I’ve spent almost 8 years collecting, researching, and implementing this in to my own life. I’ve condensed all that I’ve learned and discovered down in to 10 days. Plus, you get monthly office hours with me so I can answer your questions.

In 2016, the global chemical industry’s revenue was 5.2 trillion dollars. In the US, a child has a 1 in 3 chance of developing a chronic childhood disease. In Canada those rates aren’t all that better. Since the heavy introduction of chemicals, childhood disease, cancer, and fertility problems have been on the rise. This is the first generation that may not outlive their parents.
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